The Nifty Fifty List

1. Show up at the airport with my bag and passport- take the first available flight
2. Be interviewed
3. Become conversational in another language
4. Visit Italy with Edward
5. Have or adopt a child
6. Complete a 10K
7. Go on an Alaskan cruise
8. Visit Yosemite National Park
9. Take a photo with a celebrity
10. Own a house
11. Attend a convention
12. Pay off debt/loans
13. Be involved in an industry-changing campaign
14. Buy black Very Prive Louboutins
15. Tour Europe
16. Attend a fancy pants charity event
17. Attend a religious service at an Orthodox church
18. Have Christmas in a cabin in the snow
19. Purchase an antique from an estate sale
20. Spend a night in a Bed & Breakfast (hope for a creaky bed, just to make the neighbors uncomfortable)
21.  Go camping
22. Ride an elephant in Thailand
23. Have sex in a public place
 (don’t get arrested)
24. Skydive
25. Swim in the Mediterranean Sea, Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Dead Sea
26. Be an extra in a movie or a television show
27. Go wine tasting in Napa
28. Ride a camel in Egypt
29. Flash a stranger (If given beads, gladly accept)
30. Taste a bloody mary
31. Visit Brazil
32. Go on a week-long liquid diet
33. Get naked on a nude beach
34. Go a bit crazy, just for one night 😉
35. Visit Switzerland (bonus points for going hang gliding in the mountains)
36. Purge all clothes that don’t match my style statement
37. Have a working knowledge of the stock market and investing
38. Add Tory Burch flats to my shoe collection
39. See the Aurora Borealis
40. Lean how to make bread, from scratch (no machine allowed)
41. Make homemade jam
42. Have an organized, fancy, underthings drawer
43. Obtain the Sex and the City pink box collection (and movie)
44. Stay in a penthouse suite at a hotel
45. Regularly practice yoga and have my photographs taken in extremely fancy poses
46. Own a pair of the Casaderi Triple Platform Pumps
47. Have cocktails with Danielle LaPorte
48. Stay at a spa for an entire weekend
49. Learn from a master
50. Procure my dream dining table (chairs optional)


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