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So… the pants from 11th grade that I couldn’t even get over my hips… I got those on today. They fit. A bit snug, and a bit smooshy, but they went on easily and I didn’t have to threaten the zipper with sudden death. And the jeans… from 2 years ago, that were cutting off circulation to my upper body… now fit again. A bit tight, but in the sexy way. It’s a good feeling.

But… I’m still REALLY far from where I want to be. And that makes me a bit sad. Because I do miss being able to go out to dinner with friends. (Which I did today) It’s one of those things where you just have to weigh what’s more important to you and to me, it’s being able to feel attractive and comfortable in my clothes. So… I’ve been eating solids this weekend again and I think I’ll go back to liquid next week again. I need to go stock back up on soups because I’m all out. And on spinach, because I’m out of that too and those are kind of my staples. And this time I think I’m gonna make up a BIG batch of home-made veggie soup which is my favorite and will help keep my sodium lower.

I’ll check my measurements again probably at the end of next week. And we’ll keep doing the pants tests because scales suck and tape measures and clothes are much better estimates as far as I’m concerned.

A new discovery I’ve made… I’m a lush on a liquid diet. A very cheap date. I little glass of wine did me over today.

Happy weekend.


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  1. It’s the best feeling when you can get into something that used to fit you. Congratulations!

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