Liquid salvation…

Wow, that was a busy few weeks. Remember how about a week ago I said I was going to stop blogging about food? Well it worked. I decided to kick my body’s butt and go on a cleanse for the week. I’m doing it again this week and I’m feeling much better. And by much better I mean not completely like I have no control over my body. I think my body only responds well to dramatic changes. For example, when I first went vegetarian I instantly lost almost 15 pounds. Without any real change in my exercise. Dramatic. When I just eat cleaner foods and smoothies and oatmeal… nada. So while cutting the french fries and nachos is good for my heart, my body doesn’t seem to recognize the caloric difference. (I know, it goes against mathematics and science, and I’m just as confounded as you are.) So… I put my foot down. Liquid cleanse. 5 days of just liquids. No liquids were off limits although I tried to avoid calorie-loaded smoothies. And the result? Well I don’t know if I actually weigh less because I’ve banned myself from stepping on the scale but, my clothes fit a bit looser and I can see a difference in my belly. I went off the cleanse for the weekend because I was so busy that I couldn’t avoid solid foods for sustenance. And now I’m back on it for another 5 days. It feels really good, I’m not going to lie. I finally feel like I’ve got a grip, albeit a tiny one, on myself. I don’t know what was triggering my weight gain or my body’s resistance to losing it via working out and eating healthy in general. I think my body just needed a swift kick in the arse to reset itself. I’m hoping at least. I’m not sure how long I’ll continue. I may start adding in oatmeal for breakfast and veggies for dinner in the next few weeks but I’m trying to be strict with myself until I feel “reset”. My body seems to work best under close supervision. I’ve also recently discovered my immense love for almonds so I’m sure those will be popping back up eventually too. I’ve been wanting to do a week of eating only things made of veggies, just to see if I could do it. Maybe that will be my next challenge.

I’ll check in at the end of this week and let you know if and how my measurements have changed.


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