Meet the Green Machine Jr…

As much as a hate exercise, you’d think I wouldn’t be willing to shell out cash for things having to do with it but I do. And I did. Edward convinced me to get an ipod shuffle the other day because I usually take my iphone to the gym and he yelled at me for taking it into the sauna. (It’s not wet, I don’t understand the problem but whatev.) So… I got one. And I will admit that I’m a bit excited about it. Even though the thought of running right now makes me want to hide in the closet, I do like how the shuffle clips and I won’t have to worry about dropping it. (Which has happened on more than one occasion. You’d be surprised the amount of air those babies can get flying off the back of a treadmill.) My first ever ipod was a green ipod mini and I named it “The Green Machine”. So, to keep with tradition, I decided to name this one…

I will admit, I had a bit of a breakdown yesterday. I don’t really want to talk about it. I’m trying to maintain my composure as best I can but I’m just so sick of my body. I’m ready to throw it away. It seems to confound science and I’m just at the end of my rope with it. That being said, I’m not going to be writing about food for a little while. Because it makes me upset. Maybe a few days, maybe a week, maybe forever. I’ll keep talking about the journey and if I run (well) you know I’ll be here bragging about it. And in the mean time, I’ll keep perhaps posting recipes (when I actually make any… my schedule is insane for the next few months), and sharing what’s in my head. Hope that’s okay with everyone.


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