So proud of myself…

I did not eat junk food today! After no time for making meals at home (or even eating meals at home because I was out of the house all day long), I refused fast food while STARVING in the car and ate trail mix and a peanut butter granola bar that I had stuffed in my bag this morning (so there’s something to this whole “planning ahead” thing after all). While I most definitely did NOT get enough water today, which I’m sure I’ll be feeling tomorrow, I did eat a power bar later in the afternoon while working and then at a big plate of salad (something I’ve been craving like CRAZY) and a bit of pasta + a roll. Oh, and… purple onions. I’m all about purple onions now. I have HATED onions all my life and now, I can’t get enough of purple onions. (In fact, that reminds me that I need to add them to the grocery list…. done.) I can literally eat them just by themselves. My mom would be SHOCKED.

I don’t have any photos because I was too busy working to take any but, I thought I’d still share. I skipped the 30 Day Shred yesterday because I’ve been so sore from it that I could barely walk and I needed to be able to walk today since that’s pretty much what I spent all day doing. And now, my legs hurt too bad to think about shredding myself. So, I’m going to call this one a day.

Did I mention how proud of myself I am? No junk food today! And it taunted me all day long!