In case you missed the bus….

We moved a few months ago. We merged our business and personal blog together (collective *GASP*) and we’ve been really enjoying it. If you haven’t already come over there to read along, come on over now. And please update your google reader or whatever blog-system-to-organize-the-chaos you use to keep up with your blog friends.

Here ya go:


Here’s the cool thing… It’s a hybrid blog so it merges our life, our work, and fun. If you don’t want to see our photography and read posts about our clients, then you can subscribe (or just click on, if you’re non-commital) the LIFE or FUN tabs. You will then only see posts that are about our life, or are random fun things, etc… If you subscribe to the main page you’ll see a mix of everything.

Easy as pie right? Speaking of pie, I want to make an apple pie. When is VEGMOFO? Is it October again? Wait, don’t tell me here, tell me on the other blog. I need to stop talking now. Ok… catch ya on the flip side lovelies!


PS! A new 365 project…. for you photo loving friends: giorno bello