The end of a good thing…. (or, actually, the transfer)

I’ve loved having this blog for the last few years. I’ve loved the creative outlet. I’ve loved the people I’ve met because of it. But…I’ve reached that time in my life and my business where I need to consolidate. So…you may notice that the only posts remaining now are the recipes that I’ve made and I’m going to keep them up both for others as much as for myself, as an online cookbook of sorts for myself. oh, and my 101 in 1001 list because I really want to commit to finishing it! But… from now on out I’ll be blogging full time at my other blog The 222 Blog. If you are currently subscribed to this blog or a follower please go and follow the other one. (It is also a blogger blog so you all that are following via blogger can easily follow that one now.) I really don’t want to lose tough with anyone!

Love you all!



Just wanted to drop in with a check in and say….

I lost 5 pounds this week. Booyah!
And I bought

This jacket…

and this dress…

and this for the cruise…

and a few other random pieces that I couldn’t find pictures of online. 10 pounds to go. 🙂