In 6 words…

I’m not sure if I could be described as someone who talks a lot. I suppose it would depend on who you ask. If you ask my mom she would probably say that I am most definitely a talker, and that I come by it honestly. Some of my newest friends would probably look at you with confused faces if you asked them the same question and respond, “Yeah right, I can never get that girl to pick up the phone!” I think the amount that I talk is directly related to how well I know the people around me. I’m much more shy now than I ever used to be. Or, more accurately, I am exactly as shy as I have always been, I just own up to it now and don’t force myself to pretend otherwise. Sometimes I think it makes me seem mysterious. Sometimes it makes me look like a bitch. Sorry. I just don’t really like to make small talk with strangers. But if you stick around long enough, I’ll open up. And Lord help you once I do. 🙂

There’s something insanely charming about people who don’t just talk, but who really speak (or write for that matter). I am instantly attracted to people who can concisely say what they mean and say it with conviction and grace. Those people can get me talking quicker than any others. One of my favorite pieces of literature is a short story by Hemingway. The shortest story he ever wrote. I never even knew he had written it until recently (apparently my literary education was sub-par) but since I first read it, I loved it. It’s called “A Story in 6 Words” and it has become insanely famous. You’ll see why…

His story read:
“For sale: baby shoes, never used.”

What is rushing into your imagination right now? Is it an entire novel? Is your mind filling in all the characters, the anticipation, the tragic event, and then conclusion? Are you feeling a twinge of pain at the defeated tone of the sentence? Are you gripped with grief because you know of a real life version of this story? 6 words having such a big impact-Hemingway was a master.

A photographer friend of mine held a contest for her readers to write their own 6 word stories. I had so much fun reading all the entries that I wanted to host a contest myself. And since bloggers are writers, I figure that we’ll get some great stuff out of this. (If nothing else, it will challenge your creative muscles!)

The rules:
Write your own original story in 6 words and leave it in a comment. Use the photo above as inspiration. One entry per person. The contest will remain open until my next post goes live at which time no additional entries will be included in the judging. Mr. Beagle and I will read through all of the stories and pick our favorite. The winning writer will receive a $10 iTunes gift card and bragging rights!



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