Homemade Dark Hot Chocolate

At 9:35pm tonight…

Me: Are you hungry?
Mr. Beagle: No, I just ate Taco Bell. But if you wait a bit I will probably get hungry again. Why? Do you want me to cook you something? (Ladies, let’s take a second to appreciate the string of questions he asked. Le swoon.)
Me: No, it’s okay.
Mr. Beagle: What do you want?
Me: I was thinking of trying to make fried rice. We have cans of peas and carrots in the pantry.
Mr. Beagle: I don’t know how to make fried rice.
Me: Me neither. I could look up a recipe. Or we could just use yellow rice, which would be pretty good too.
-Silence for a few minutes-
Me: Nevermind, I’m not really hungry.
Mr. Beagle: Yes you are.
Mr: Yeah, but only Fatty Fat Faces eat at 9:40pm. It’s too late for dinner. (“Fatty Fat Face” is the pet name for my binge-eating alter ego. FYI.)
Mr. Beagle: You’re right. You’re gigantic. Can you move over please, you’re crushing my ribs…
Mr. Beagle: Ugh, if you’re hungry just go make something!
Me: No, it’s too late. I’m not giving in.
Mr. Beagle: What about if I go take a shower and you go to the store and get us some hot cocoa mix?
Me: Hm…or I could just make hot cocoa from scratch!
Mr. Beagle: I don’t know, I don’t think we have any milk left babe.
Me: That’s okay, I’ll make it vegan!

So he went to shower and I started looking up the basics of vegan hot cocoa. I figured I had the ingredients: cocoa, soy milk, water, sugar… seems easy enough.

After scouring google’s top hits I decided to just start experimenting based on the most commonly used measurements. After taste-testing I decided that it wasn’t chocolate-y enough or spicy enough and started my tweaking by adding some spices and extra cocoa. I also decided that I wanted it super thick. Like, Starbucks chocolate shot thick. None of that watered down, from a paper package crap for us! Here is what I came up with, which, in my opinion, is the best non-dairy hot chocolate that you will ever taste.


1/2 c. hot water
5 tbs. cocoa powder
1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon
5 tbs. organic sugar
dash nutmeg
dash salt
1 1/4 c. vanilla soymilk

In a small pot combine all ingredients except vanilla soy milk. Stirring continually, bring the mixture to a low simmer until all parts are combined. Stir in the vanilla soymilk. Continue stirring until combined and hot but do not allow it to boil.

*I used Silk Nonfat Vanilla, if you use plain soy milk you will want to add extra sweetener and a bit of vanilla extract

I would love to figure out how to make this using powdered soy milk. Then I could give it away as a gift. Anyone experimented with that before? I’d love to know how it turned out for you! I also think this recipe would be amazing with a bit of peppermint extract or a bit of espresso powder. Again, it’s a very simple recipe that you can get super creative with. Let me know what you dream up!

….Soapbox rant ahead:
Repeat after me… “dairy is for big fat cows” 😉 Couldn’t resist. But seriously, are you a baby cow? No? Then it wasn’t made for you. Dairy makes you fat just like a cow, are you seeing the connection? Good, we’re making progress. Moving on…

Nom Rating:

Mr. Beagle: A
He said he would have given it an A+ if I’d added little marshmallows.

Me: A+
I’m a picky hot cocoa drinker and I’ve always hated the in-a-package-mix-with-water-and-microwave kinds. I’m more of a thick, rich, and creamy kind of hot cocoa girl and this was perfect. It was actually so decadent that I couldn’t finish my cup. It’s sure to please those who have an aversion to soymilk. Mr. Beagle won’t drink soy milk but really liked this.


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