In-A-Snap Cupcakes

vanilla cupcakes with chocolate peanut butter centers and swirl icicng

For the hottie totties in a hurry, I present to you a super simple, super yummy, super nothing cupcake recipe. I say ‘nothing’ because these little babies are free of all kinds of allergens such as dairy, peanuts and tree nuts. (They would be free of peanuts but I added peanut butter. So if you want peanut free, add something else instead.) I whipped these up in the spare minutes I had before heading out to a friend’s birthday party.

Before I get hate mail let me explain: yes I used a cake mix. The point of this recipe is to be quick and simple but still meet the needs of a wide variety of lifestyles. Proving that delicious, healthy, vegan, baked goods don’t need to take hours.

The great thing about these are that you could really do whatever filling/flavor you want. The cake mix is vanilla flavored so it’s basically a blank canvas for you to create on. I chose dark chocolate peanut butter just because I wanted to try it. (I’ve been seeing all these delicious specialty peanut butters on everyone’s blogs and I decided it was time for me to join the masses.)

So, this recipe is really just for inspiration. I want you to see that it is so easy to make something really delicious and a little fancy but still vegan and gluten-free. Enjoy.


1 box Gluten Free Dreams vanilla cake mix
1 package Gluten Free Dreams vanilla icing (which ended up being more like a glaze)
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (the brand I bought was dairy free)
Earth Balance Butter Replacement
Cupcake cups

1. Preheat the oven and line a cupcake pan with cups
2. Prepare the cake mix according to instructions
3. Fill the cupcake cups 3/4 full (this will make them rise to the perfect height for icing)
4. Drop a small dollop of peanut butter in the center of each cup and swirl it around using a toothpick
5. Bake according to instructions
6. Remove from pan and allow to fully cool
7. Using a butter knife, spread a few lines of peanut butter on the inside of an icing bag
8. Fill the rest of the bag with the vanilla icing
9. Pipe icing onto cupcakes (I used the big star tip. Since this icing is more like glaze, it will not stay standing tall. You may want to just warm it up and drizzle it over. Be creative!)

Stawberries and Cream: Replace peanut butter with strawberry preserves and garnish with sliced berries
Hazelnut Dreams: Replace peanut butter with Nutella and sprinkle crushed hazelnuts on top to garnish
Polkadops: Drop chocolate chips into the batter before cooking and garnish the top with them
Raspberry Bites: Replace peanut butter with raspberry preserves and top each iced cupcake with a sugar dipped raspberry
…the possibilities are endless


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