Monday Musings

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Wow, life is getting busy. This weekend I didn’t get to bake as much as I’d have liked. I have a laundry list of fun recipes I want to try but we were busy with meetings and shoots all weekend. {Wanna see what we did? Click {here} but I did spend a little bit of time relaxing while looking through some of my favorite design blogs. I fell in love with some of the elements and decided to put together a little inspiration board for myself. I hope you find it inspiring as well…

Clockwise from top: {How fun is that red arrow above the flatscreen?} {Candles in a chiminea= genious!} {I have no idea where I’d hang these but they are so whimsical!} {Caroline Swift’s Bone China Bowls would look so beautiful with homemade oatmeal in them.} {I want a long wooden table. It’s so cozy and inviting.}

Tomorrow {Tuesday} everyone needs to set their DVR’s to record Oprah because her show is all about “How We Treat the Animals We Eat” which is something everyone, vegetarian or not, should be educated on. You can watch the promo for it on her website on the right side. I’m very interested to see what they discuss and what they show.

Brit-Brit released her new video for “Womanizer” and you can now see it on You Tube. My first remark was “holy crap, who is her trainer?” Seriously she looks amazing. I read somewhere that she was getting injections that melt the fat in your thighs away. Can someone please buy me those for Christmas because apparently they work like a charm! What do you think of this addictive-like-crack single?

I know I picked those top 5 recipes over there that I want to try but I’ve been going a little food-blog crazy and now I have about 15 that I really want to try. Most of them are not vegan and I’m planning to try to convert them. Some are a little plain and I want to spice them up. Upcoming culinary concoctions will include, but are not limited to: monkey bread, chocolate pumpkin cupcakes, some sort of upside down cake, tartlets, and finally trying tempeh.

Mr. Beagle and I saw Eagle Eye today. It was amazing! Who has seen it? I don’t want to spoil it for you but basically its about the insane technological abilities of modern government surveillance. The most interesting part to me was the aspect of trust that the characters were forced to have in the voice on the phone. There is one car chase that is amazing because every step is planned to the second by the voice on the phone and they have to just trust that things will happen as they go. For example, she tells them to speed up towards a red light and at the last possible second it turns green. Things like that happen throughout the chase and eventually they are the only surviving car. It got me thinking what it would be like to have that much faith in someone to blindly be following every word and watching, literally watching, things move out of your way. I don’t think I have it, and even when I do have it, I don’t see things tangibly the same way they get to in the movie, but it would be a pretty cool experience I’m sure.

Happy Monday friends!


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