Caribbean Tilapia Dinner

Yesterday night we had the most delicious dinner. We’ve been experimenting with new ideas and creating recipes from scratch (so fun!). Tilapia was on sale at the store this week so we picked up a few filets. Last night was my turn to be the chef and this is what I came up with. It was amazing (if I may say so myself) and has become one of our favorites.

Marie’s Caribbean Dinner:

2 Tilapia Filets
Panko Breadcrumbs
Gourmet Honey Mustard
Black Pepper
Kosher Salt
Black Beans
Yellow Rice
Cayenne Pepper

1. Start the rice, once you have it to a simmer, begin the fish
2. Cut the filets into long strips, cutting off any parts of the fish that are less favorable (I don’t like the dark parts)
3. On a plate, mix breakcrumbs with parsley, cumin, black pepper, and kosher salt to taste
4. Spread honey mustard thickly on the top of each fish strip, then lay the strip in the bread crumb mixture and coat
5. Place the strips on a cookie sheet (lightly grease it first)
6. Place in the oven for 15 minutes on 350
7. Heat up the black beans (in thier liquid) in a small pan
8. Stir in cayenne pepper and cumin to taste

Use an ice cream scoop or 1/2 cup measure to scoop rice onto plate. Hollow a small hole in the top of the rice and pour beans into it. You can allow some beans to spill over for visual appeal.

Lay the strips beside the rice

Serve with beer or margaritas and enjoy!


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